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OPPA opposes Medicaid work requirements

Pursuant to Ohio Revised Code §5166.37, the Ohio General Assembly has mandated the Ohio Department of Medicaid seek federal approval for an 1115 Demonstration Waiver imposing work requirements on individuals covered through Medicaid via the Group VIII expansion. Pursuant to law established in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, and further articulated in federal rule, the state and federal governments must collect and respond to public comment.

Ohio’s proposed Medicaid work requirements represent an “unfunded, legally questionable, mandate that fails to meet the essential purpose of Medicaid to provide medical assistance.”

Ohio Revised Code, Section 5166.37

The medicaid director shall establish a medicaid waiver component under which an individual eligible for medicaid on the basis of being included in the expansion eligibility group must satisfy at least one of the following requirements to be able to enroll in medicaid as part of the expansion eligibility group:

  • Be at least fifty-five years of age;
  • Be employed;
  • Be enrolled in school or an occupational training program;
  • Be participating in an alcohol and drug addiction treatment program;
  • Have intensive physical health care needs or serious mental illness.


The OPPA, along with many other statewide physician and patient advocacy groups, sent a letter to Medicaid Director, Barbara Sears, outlining why its members are opposed to the 1115 Demonstration Waiver. 

Comments On Medicaid 1115 Waiver

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