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Physician Support Line - psychiatrists helping other physicians (primary care, emergency, etc.)

Our society expects physicians, now more than ever, to have all the answers. To comfort. To heal. Physicians often rise to the challenge, however, physicians are only human. Physicians are susceptible to burn out, deep sadness, anxiety and vulnerability. There is help.

So, on Doctors' Day, a small group of amazing psychiatrists, including Ben Cheng, MD, who completed his psychiatric residency in Ohio, launched the Physician Support Line. A peer-to-peer support line manned by 250+ (and rapidly growing) volunteer psychiatrists for our frontline physician colleagues navigating the the COVID-19 pandemic.

FREE. Confidential. Chat/Video/Audio options. No appointment necessary.

If you want to volunteer, please email

Please let OPPA know if you have already signed up to volunteer and/or when you sign-up. Simply send an email to:


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