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Ohio physician practices can access Batelle N95 sterilization program

Since Battelle announced its new N95 sterilization program for hospitals that started at the end of March, OSMA has been working closely with Battelle to expand the program to all physician practices in Ohio, regardless of size.

The availability of N95 masks is critical to ensuring the safety of health care workers and patients, and offering this service to all medical practices provides yet another strategy for having adequate levels of personnel and protective equipment as the health care system expands back to normal operational levels.

Battelle can now offer its unique N95 Decontamination System at no charge to medical practices of all sizes. This program will be facilitated using FedEx as the shipping partner.

To Participate:

1. Practices need to enroll with Battelle and review the terms, conditions and protocols.

2. Familiarize with all information about the program, how it works and how to sign up in the links below.

Program Overview
Enroll & Sign Up for Updates
Frequently Asked Questions
Fact Sheet for Healthcare Personnel
Instructions for Healthcare Facilities
Shipping Instructions Using Fed Ex


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