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AOT learning modules released

This week, the Treatment Advocacy Center, in partnership with the American Psychiatric Association (APA), launched an eight-part series of online learning modules on assisted outpatient treatment (AOT). The modules are now available to the public through SMI Adviser, an open-access mental health resource library for providers and others seeking to help individuals with serious mental illness (SMI).

“People with SMI and their loved ones deserve compassionate and cost-effective pathways to recovery. These modules show how AOT programs, when implemented properly, can be a lifeline to those currently caught in the revolving doors of the mental health and criminal justice systems,” said John Snook, Executive Director of the Treatment Advocacy Center.

The learning modules are the first and only online resource for those seeking practical guidance on establishing and maintaining successful AOT programs in their own communities. They describe the essential elements of an AOT program, identify the building blocks of a sustainable program, and offer tips from longtime AOT practitioners on maximizing program outcomes. Addressing AOT implementation from a multidisciplinary perspective, the modules focus on the collaboration between judicial and treatment systems that defines the AOT model.

The modules are packaged into two courses available for CME credit:
• AOT: Basic Concepts and Principles (Modules 1-3)
• AOT: Implementation (Modules 4-8)

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