Committees are the backbone of our organization. The work of committees has a direct impact on the decisions made by the officers and Council. To have the kind of association we all feel is desirable, we need the active involvement of members!

Following is a list of committees. We hope you will review the list and if you would like to become a member of a committee, contact your Chapter president or email the OPPA office. To the extent possible, we try to have at least one member from each Chapter on each committee.

Addiction & Pain Control Issues Committee

Chair: Christine Wilder, MD

Keeps Council informed of all addiction and pain control issues and makes recommendations to Council for appropriate action.

Child & Adolescent Committee

Chair: Steve Jewell, MD

Keeps Council informed of all child and adolescent issues and makes recommendations to Council for appropriate action.

Depression in Medical Trainees Committee

Chair: Alan Levy, MD

This committee is charged with identifying the extent to which training directors in Ohio are aware of depression in their house staff, and the extent to which they encourage intervention. The committee will examine ways to facilitate awareness of depression in house staff and encourage a culture of intervention when appropriate.

Early Career Psychiatrists Committee

Chair: To be determined

Addresses growing concern about the needs of post Resident-Fellow Members. Chair of committee acts as a voting member of Council.

Ethics Committee

Chair: Danielle Johnson, MD

Investigates and reports to Council on charges of unethical or improper personal or professional conduct of any member.

Executive Committee

Composed of the President, President-Elect, Immediate Past President, Secretary, Treasurer and Executive Director (ex-officio). It shall be responsible to act on behalf of Council in urgent situations, to review and select items for Council agenda, and to make recommendations when deemed necessary. Additional members may be temporarily added or invited when needed for consultation.

Forensics & Correctional Psychiatry Committee

Keeps Council informed of issues related forensics in Ohio and makes recommendations to Council for appropriate action.

Government Relations Committee

Chair: Megan Testa, MD

Studies and reports to the Association contemplated, pending or existing legislative matters; governmental regulatory issues, rules and regulations, and judicial decisions, which are pertinent to mental health and to the practice of psychiatry in Ohio. Makes recommendations to Council on positions to be taken on such matters, and with consent of Council, represents the association before such governmental bodies. Chair of committee acts as a voting member of Council.

Integrated Care Committee (Ad-hoc)

Chair: To be determined

Monitors and reports to Council and members contemplated, pilot projects and/or existing models and structures for integrated/collaborative care (for both public mental health and private psychiatric practice), skills training, payment/reimbursement methodologies and quality assurance methods.

Membership Committee

Chair: William Resch, DO

Recruits, reviews and recommends to Council applicants for membership. Encourages and recruits minorities in psychiatry training programs and minorities who are not members of the Association to become involved in the Association committees. Informs Council of new developments and makes recommendations regarding issues related to minorities. Develops methods to promote maximum participation in the association. Reviews and recommends to Council nominations for APA Distinguished Fellowship.

Nominating Committee

Chair: William Resch, DO

Members appointed by Council for a two-year term. Chaired by the Past-President. Submits to Council nominees for the offices of the association. Members of the committee are not eligible for nomination.

Practice Issues Committee

Chair: Brooke Wolf, MD

Studies and reports to the association on matters of economic affairs both public and private, as they pertain to the practice of medicine in Ohio. Represents the association with consent of Council in negotiations and other activities pertaining to economic affairs as it applies to the practice of psychiatry.

Program & Continuing Education Committee

Chair: Karen Jacobs, DO

Arranges the scientific and social programs of the association, with consideration of the needs and interests of the membership in continuing education.

Public Information & Liaison Committee

Chair: Selena Magalotti, MD

Interprets, advises and alerts the public to appropriate information and provides experts for the working press and other professional groups.

Public Mental Health Committee

Chair: Doug Smith, MD

Represents the Association in all matters pertaining to community mental health services and is responsible for the liaison with other physicians in these matters.

Resident-Fellow Member Committee

Chair: Bushra Rizwan, MD

Promotes interests and participation in the association among psychiatric residents in Ohio. Consists of one representative from each psychiatric residency training program in Ohio elected by a process approved by each individual residency program. Chair of the committee serves as a voting member of Council.

Veterans & Military Committee

Chair: Elizabeth Yoder, DO

Represents the Association in all matters pertaining to veterans and military service as it relates to psychiatry and makes recommendations to the OPPA Council on these matters.

None at this time.